Monday, 29 November 2010

Week 4, Day 4 & 5 (No Talking)

Honestly not a great deal to add to this week.  I'd say over all, it was the most successful out of all of them.  Though I did continue to very occasionally slip up when around my mother, speech was so very limited.  Whilst the first and third weeks/boundaries may have sounded like less drastic measures, they were harder to enforce as they were such casual actions that one falls into with people they know and don't know.  Talking, at least, is really only something we do with people we know or are close to.  There's no talking example comparative to meeting eyes across a room or brushing legs under a table.

I feel like I enjoyed this week the most, not regretting anything that was not said, when normally it is all to easy to regret a whole lot that was uttered.

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