Monday, 1 November 2010

Week 1, Day 1, (No Physical Contact)

The first day of no physical contact has made me notice the people around me a lot more.  How physical contact happens so casually, but when becoming so aware of it, it all becomes significant.  I have started giving people much more room to move around me, stepping far back from them, and keeping away from crowds.  It is obviously isolating because I put such a great effort into keeping my distance.

12.54pm Today Sean's hand accidentally touched mine in the library.

Last night Tom sent me this text.



  1. ah but a month of no physical contact is surely less painful than three months entire absence - visually, sonically, digitally - ?

    Good luck living as an urban hermit!


  2. You're right Mr Kinglux! It'll be a week of no physical contact, a month of celibacy and a different boundary for every other week in november. I would block eyesight if I could afford to hire a full time assistant!

    <3 James


  3. how did your boundaries go yesterday?

  4. Yesterday was completely successful. There was a fire drill at school and I had to wait to go back in last because of the crowd. I feel like a shy deer...