Monday, 8 November 2010

Boundary #2 Watermelon Eating

Everyday this week I will eat an entire watermelon in one sitting/standing. Hopefully all days will be documented.

Watermelons are very healthy, but when eating a whole one, it looks grotesque and savage, more like meat then a fruit. It becomes sickening and a push between health and destruction.

I have done this before, but as a one off, and by myself in my bedroom.

Unfortunatly my computer wasn't letting me upload the third part. I will try again soon.

The seed that planted this idea in my head was a moment in Larry Clark's controversial film KIDS, where Telly talks describes a girl's virgin innocence being totally captured by her eating a watermelon.


  1. Hey James, great to see your keeping up the vids!
    How about zooming in on the main frames of of your eating action by focusing the camera on your mouth and the watermelon?
    Be great to see you chomp chew and chow down on that watermelon up close and personal! So we can really see the grotesque and savage consumption and innocence simultaneously... play around with it, see what you think, see what it looks like.
    I'm wracking my grey matter trying to think what otgher artists I know have done eating actions/performance/video art... I'll get back to you.
    Leaving you with Grace Jones tellin' "keeping it up! keep it up!"

  2. Yey Grace Jones!

    To be honest, I don't understand technology and have no idea to edit videos. Also, with the youtube clips of a previous time (not part of the November Project) I was on my own so could only just set the camera up and let it roll.

    However, if you check out the flickr which I linked to (see Day 1, Week 2 post) then there's some close ups.

    Yes I've been looking at various different and I reckon I should probably do a post about them. I was going to list them here but it'll take too long..hehe